About the culture in Vallarta

Welcome to Cultura Vallarta, a website exclusively dedicated to the culture in the Banderas Bay and Vallarta.

What makes culture in Puerto Vallarta so special ?

Since about 40 years now, Puerto Vallarta was and is not only a travel destination, but also a mayor spot for artists of all countries. Up today there are retreats for example in Yelapa or the nearby beaches in the north, where artists have settled to stay in closer contact to the nature and their spiritual life. The best condition for an artistic talented person to develop his or her full capacity of cultural expression.

Another quite important aspect is that with John Huston in the fifties and his talented actors, the area around Vallarta was frewuented by many artists. The former fishers village didnt had a developed cultural society, so there was a plain field for expression without any kind of social regulatories. The results are still visible, ranging from the indian Huichol art to sophisticated forms of corporal expression, including Yoga as well as Ballet and contemporanean art.

Our goal is to give the interested person an elaborated overview about cultural opportunities and trends in this dream travel destination.

Proudly we publish and add Your articles and suggestions, as long as they are strictly related to artistical expression. For any other website suggestion You may ahve a look to Puerto Vallartas largest website register.

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